After Seducing 1M Little Monsters For Lady Gaga, Backplane Expands To Spawn More Fan Clubs

Geeking out about your favorite things can be embarrassing or annoying on the big social networks. But Lady Gaga’s tech team Backplane proved with her Little Monsters site that fans want an online home. Now it’s branching out to create communities for 10 more bands and brands, starting with Conde Nast and Guns’N’Roses. Backplane’s ready to take you down to Paradise City.


The dedicated fan club social network idea helped make Lady Gaga one of the most popular entertainers in the world. Named after what Gaga calls her loyalists, Little Monsters lets people share their love for the shocking she-devil of pop and get exclusive messages and media from the Lady herself.

Little Monsters pulled in nearly 1 million registered users and 2.3 million monthly unique visitors. 


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