biNu Raises $2M, Gives 3G Speeds to 2G Feature Phones

biNu is actively playing an important part in emerging markets. The company has managed the impossible feat of making social media sites, like Facebook and Twitter, as fast on any Java-running 2G feature phone as  on a 3G smartphone. As well, it’s just as interactive. While the average iPhone toter may not be among their target market, biNu manages to pull in over four million monthly active users, specifically targeting developing nations. Today biNu announces their $2 million in Series A funding from Eric Schmidt’s Tomorrow Ventures, as well as Australian investor, Paul Bassat among several others. They’ve focused on acquiring investors with a strong social objective and want to actually make a difference.


The beauty of biNu is the simplicity with which they’ve solved the issues of bandwidth, and also how that has allowed them to roll out the application across developing nations. By including sites that have major draw, they’ve managed to quickly increase their user base across geographic regions. It’s the simple increase in connectivity that biNu gives feature phones in areas where Internet access – not to mention a 3G connection are sparse.

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