Cisco Teams Up With Instructure To Move The World’s Largest IT Classroom To The Cloud

The Cisco Networking Academy is the largest education program in the world you’ve probably never heard of. The Academy, which is Cisco System’s largest and longest-running corporate responsibility program, partners with over 10,000 universities, community colleges, and high schools to teach students networking and ICT skills, preparing them for jobs and higher ed programs in engineering, computer science, and related fields.

More than one million students currently participate in Cisco’s Academies, which operate in colleges and universities across 165 countries and 17 languages. Today, Cisco is announcing that it has awarded Instructure with a multi-year contract to use the startup’s flagship open-source LMS product, Canvas as its learning platform.
For Cisco, Instructure will help it move its global classroom and online IT courses to the cloud, with the additional benefit of Canvas’ open platform that integrates easily with other technologies and web services and provides simplified tools for grading and assessment.
For Instructure, a startup that’s not yet 18 months old, this is a big win, as its Neworking Academy represents one of the biggest education platforms in the world and will help scale Canvas as a platform significantly, allowing it to reach students across the globe.
For more information on Instructure, Inc., please visit Instructure’s website, or read the entire article on TechCrunch.