DailyWorth Teams Up With Mint.com To Help Women Turn Financial Advice Into Action

In March of last year, DailyWorth, the personal finance community for women, raised $850K from Robin Hood Ventures, Eric Schmidt’s TomorrowVentures, Howard Lindzon’s Social Leverage, 500 Startups, and more. And, in January, the startup added $2 million more.

Not unlike its cohort LearnVest — which has raised a healthy $25 million for a platform that helps women organize their finances and learn how to become financially savvy — DailyWorth launched with the mission to become a go-to resource for tips and information on financial literacy and money management, geared towards a female audience. Yet, unlike LearnVest, DailyWorth focused on content — specifically in the form of a daily newsletter, which tends to range in subject matter from how to organize your finances to tax tips to advice on the best ways to save.
Behind six-time entrepreneur (and founder and CEO) Amanda Steinberg and the editorial lead of MP Dunleavey, a former personal finance columnist for the New York Times and a contributor to Money magazine, DailyWorth’s newsletter has gone on to attract over 225,000 subscribers in the U.S., and financial institutions like ING and H&R Block have joined as sponsors. And seeing as DailyWorth has been called “the Daily Candy for personal finance,” it was a sign of validation when Andrew Russell, formerly of Pilot Group and investor in email companies like Daily Candy and Thrillist, joined the startup as an independent board member in January.
Of course, when it comes to free personal finance services that offer all the essentials, like the ability to aggregate financial accounts in one place, set budgets, track goals, etc., Intuit-owned Mint.com is arguably one of the best-known names, and is arguably a service by which many in the space are compared. Many sites have been tagged the “Mint.com” of dog enthusiasts, etc etc. Niche-ifying the successful in July of last year, LearnVest launched a personal money center with a suite of personal finance options, aiming to bring the best parts of Mint to a female-only audience.
Today, DailyWorth is, in a way, following suit, except that it’s going straight to the source. To kickstart readers’ monetary momentum, the startup is partnering with Mint.com in an effort to provide a more robust online platform for personal finance tools and information — to women. Essentially, this is exactly what LearnVest has been trying to do in building its new set of tools, but in partnering with the personal finance leader, DailyWorth hopes to give itself a leg up.
The deal brings DailyWorth’s growing audience to Mint.com, and in turn the two companies are launching three new exclusive projects to give DailyWorth readers access to both content (financial advice) and the financial management tools available through Mint.com.
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