EverFi Acquires Online Course For Substance Abuse Prevention Outside The Classroom

Washington D.C.-based startup EverFi has acquired Outside The Classroom, the provider of the largest online alcohol prevention course AlcoholEdu.
Founded in 2000, Outside The Classroom’s online curriculum focuses on alcohol prevention in America’s youth. Its online products, AlcoholEdu for College and AlcoholEdu for High School, are used in hundreds of high schools and over five-hundred college campuses. More than 3 million students to date have taken AlcoholEdu.
EverFi, which just raised $11 million, has created a SaaS application for schools to help educate young adults on financial literacy, student loan default prevention, filing taxes, credit card debt and more. The application’s curriculum incorporates virtual worlds, gaming, social media and videos to help teach children these life skills.
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