EverFi Certifies Over Four Million Students

WASHINGTON — EverFi, the leading education technology company, has certified over four million students across its technology learning platforms.

"EverFi set out to build a game-changing education network built on data and next-generation content," said EverFi Chief Executive Officer Tom Davidson.  "We're fundamentally changing the conversation on how to work in the education space – deep partnerships with schools, an entirely new financing system for education technology, and a requirement that our students learn. All free to schools. All at a major scale."
The EverFi Network includes 46 of the 100 largest school districts and more than 500 colleges and universities across the country.  EverFi has unlocked a new source of capital bringing over 150 foundation and corporate sponsors to the education reform movement by allowing them to underwrite EverFi's innovation platforms for schools and students in communities that they care about.  Finally, the EverFi Network includes hundreds of community and political leaders including Governors, members of Congress, and Mayors who embrace the Company's public-private partnership approach to education at the national and state level.
For more information on EverFi, Inc., please visit EverFi’s website or read the entire article on Reuters.