Sharecare Announces the Acquisition of RealAge

ATLANTA, GA – Sharecare®, the interactive health and wellness social platform co-founded by Jeff Arnold and two-time Emmy® Award-winning television host, Dr. Mehmet Oz, today announced its acquisition of RealAge®, the leading consumer health assessment website centered on the groundbreaking RealAge Test®. Sharecare acquired the company from Hearst Corporation, and as part of the transaction, Hearst will retain an equity interest and Scott M. Sassa, president, Hearst Entertainment & Syndication, will join Sharecare's Board of Directors. Financial terms were not disclosed.

Launched in 2010 and based in Atlanta, Sharecare is an interactive, social Q & A platform that allows people to ask, learn and act upon questions of health and wellness. Sharecare's dynamic social technology platform, together with RealAge's, rich, high quality health content and extensive user base, will fuel a powerhouse of highly customized and personalized content and tools to engage and connect consumers, patients, doctors, experts and healthcare professionals, securing Sharecare's leadership position in the emerging health and wellness social media market. Over 29 million consumers have taken the patented RealAge Test®, which uses a powerful algorithm combining the latest evidence-based scientific research with lifestyle habits and medical history to determine an individual's "RealAge" — a unique calculation of your body's health age.
The RealAge Test® will become an embedded part of Sharecare's site registration and, through Sharecare's social platform reach, will enable the delivery of highly personalized and relevant health content and action plans, leveraging RealAge's vast knowledge and insights about consumer health behavior, to consumers via multiple touch points, including their Sharecare profile page, mobile devices and email. Additionally, combining RealAge with Sharecare's interactive community of health experts and caregivers — ranging from leading hospitals to prestigious organizations, to personal trainers to over 400,000 physicians from The Little Blue Book's physician reference database — will create new opportunities to connect consumers to both national healthcare experts and local physicians to better address their specific health issues and needs.
For more information on Sharecare, Inc., please visit Sharecare’s website or read the entire article on MarketWatch.