Social Q&A Site Sharecare And Healthline Announce Partnership On Health Search Services

Social Q&A site, created by WebMD founder Jeff Arnold and TV’s Dr. Mehmet Oz, is partnering with Healthline Networks, a provider of intelligent health information services. Healthline currently powers the health platforms at Yahoo Health, AARP, Aetna, United Health Group and others. Going forward, it will power Sharecare’s search services too.

One of the more interesting products resulting from the partnership is the integration of Healthline’s 3D BodyMaps, a visual search offering that lets users browse the human body to see how diseases and other medical conditions can affect it. The launch is timely, given Google’s recent announcement that it would shut down its own Google Body Browser project, which will be closed and the code open-sourced.
Sharecare will also roll out additional content, navigation features and applications in over the next few months, including Healthline’s SymptomSearch, TreatmentSearch and DrugSearch.
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