The Chicago Startup That Changed How Orbitz, Gap, And Obama Collect Your Data

It might not be Spy vs. Spy exactly, but today’s business fortunes are increasingly won or lost on intelligence. In the brave new digital economy where consumers and their behaviors can be modeled with breathtaking specificity based on their online crumb trails, intelligence is data, and data is money. But behind the scenes, it’s a messy, broken world. The ever-proliferating invisible tags used by websites and third parties to collect information and track visitors can slow page loads, push overtaxed IT teams into despair, and leave companies without complete control of their data.

Enter Chicago startup BrightTag, which says it’s found a way to overhaul the creaky cobbled-together system of tag-based data mining while giving businesses ownership of the information they glean from site visitors. In so doing, the growing startup has landed some serious clientele, ranging from the Obama campaign to corporate giants such as Gap and Old Navy. The company is also getting some hometown love–last week BrightTag took home three of Built In Chicago’s annual Moxie Awards, including Best B2B Startup, CTO of the Year, and Startup of the Year.
For more information on BrightTag, Inc., please visit BrightTag’s website, or read the entire article on Fast Company.