Tomorrow Ventures-Backed Video Surveillance Startup Prism Skylabs Adds Integrations With Google+, YouTube And Picasa

Prism SkyLabs, a cloud-based service that allows business owners to bring video feeds online, capture images from these feeds and share this data with consumers and the public, is announcing integration with Google+, YouTube and Picasa today.

Here’s how Prism Skylabs works: Most stores and restaurants have surveillance videos running 24-hours a day. Unless there is a theft or another crime that takes place in the establishment, this massive amount of surveillance video is unused. The startup allows a business to download free software that detects cameras or video on a network, and showcases a number of images of the space to the business. Similar to the way you can pull images from videos using a video editing software, Prism Skylabs pulls relevant images of your establishment and builds insightful visualizations from these photos, while protecting customer privacy.
For example, Prism Skylabs can extract a visualization that will show the path that people are taking in a store (which can help owners gain insight into the performance of design or display), a heatmap of bodies, a photo without any people in the store and more. And Prism Skylabs allows users to share and syndicate these photos directly from their platform to a business’ Facebook page, Twitter stream, website and Yelp profile. Today, the startup is adding the ability to add these photos to Google+, YouTube and Picasa, directly from the platform. Additionally, Prism Skylabs also allows users to monitor Google+ check-ins at their businesses.
For more information on Prism Skylabs, Inc., please visit Prism’s website or read the entire article on TechCrunch.