Transformative ideas don’t follow a set formula.  Innovation, by definition, requires bringing something new and original to an industry or market.  The history of invention and innovation is that of unexpected leaps of genius pushing society forward in unexpected ways.  We explore globally to find transformative opportunities at their earliest stages where our capital and experience can add the most value and have the greatest impact. The power of technology to expand the reach and scale of business models and philanthropy is at the core of many of our investments, but our interests and expertise extend far beyond pure technology opportunities.  Our eyes are open for innovative opportunities that our capital and expertise can help grow. TomorrowVentures seeks opportunities with the following criteria:

  • Proven management team with successful track record
  • Unique product or service offering with large market potential
  • Businesses where we can add substantial value
  • Opportunities that have technology as a key component to business model

For submissions, please email executive summary and other pertinent data to